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Missionaries of Bethel

Mission work is important to Bethel and we support a variety of groups and organizations. Below are listed some key Missionaries that Bethel supports.  Bethel encourages its members to make a financial pledge each year to help support these Missionaries. Contact a Deacon for more information about our Missions program.  There is a bulletin board by the Church office that highlights the ongoing work of these Missions. 

For security reasons, some missionaries in specific countries and cities cannot be publicized in any printed or electronic publications.

To see updates, newsletters, and prayer requests login to the secured side of our website. Click here for link


Big Sky Bible Camp-Dan Lubbers

Big Sky Bible Camp exists to glorify God by leading individuals to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and intentionally fostering Christian growth through the camp setting.  To learn more visit


Bozeman Prison Ministries-John Westra

Help provide services for those that are incarcerated. For more information talk with Pastor Jack.


Christian Media Ministries Radio--KCMM

KCMM, 99.1 The One on your FM radio dial is your 24/7 local, Christian radio station.

The Vision of 99.1 is to not only broadcast Bible teaching and Family programs and the best Christian music but to be a conduit between: local, non-profit organizations and ministries in The Valley and our listeners. We reach out and partner with our local pastors, ministry leaders and non-profit organizations with Public Service Announcements and interviews.

99.1 The One is committed to being the “Voice of the local church and other Christian organizations, seeking to serve businesses and organizations with professional communication services.

Tune in and let the Christ-centered programming and music minister to you and your family on 99.1 FM or find out more about the ministry of local, Christian radio at


CRU-Matt & Lisa Kirby @ MSU

Our purpose is helping to fulfill the Great Commission in the power of the Holy Spirit by winning people to faith in Jesus Christ, building them in their faith and sending them to win and build others and helping the body of Christ to do evangelism and discipleship through a variety of creative ways.

Steve F. Missionary 

 For more information contact the Church office. 


Navigators International Ministry-Netherlands-Kurtis Schutter

The Navigators is a ministry that shares the gospel of Jesus and helps people grow in their relationship with Him through Life-to-Life™ discipleship, creating spiritual generations of believers. Since its founding in 1933, The Navigators has upheld the mission “To know Christ, make Him known, and help others do the same™.”

Rehoboth Christian School

Rehoboth Christian School was founded in 1903 as a ministry to the Native American people of the Four Corners region. Today, Rehoboth continues its ministry through education with multiculturalism as a backdrop, serving approximately 70% Native American students, 20% Anglo students, and 10% students of Hispanic descent and other ethnic minorities. Rehoboth is committed to building students up not only intellectually, but also spiritually and emotionally, helping them grow into mature Christians.


Resonate Global Missions-Sos & Kara 

For more information contact the Church office. 


Trans World Radio-Daryl & Carol VanDyken

The VanDykens have been with TWR since 1988, serving on Bonaire (the Caribbean), in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in Johannesburg, South Africa and in the Americas. They now serve on the island of Cyprus with the TWR Europe team.  Daryl is the European Technical Director, and Carol works with recruiting for the Americas region, remotely.

Daryl is an electrical engineer and has worked through the years on various technical projects, overseeing transmitters, towers, studios and TWR's digital platform, TWR360. Carol works in the TWR Mobilization (recruiting) department, contacting potential missionary applicants and assisting aspiring missionaries through the application process.


Wycliffe Bible Translators--USA

Loren & Connie Runia

Even though he served as a teacher years ago, Lauren is putting his skills to work differently these days. The Runias have been busy training local people to create audio recordings of the Bible for mobile apps and dubbing Scripture videos like the JESUS film. 

God put a vision into their hearts to begin training people in the country, raising up individuals to partner in the work of creating the audio and video recordings. The Runias developed a plan that led to a pilot project on New Britain Island in PNG. Now, 18 people have received the technical training needed to facilitate recordings and create mobile phone apps! Several of these individuals are even training others.

“God has called them to this work,” Lauren said, “and we see their excitement at God’s call! They take ownership. They have the tools.”

“We are equipping them to use their gifts,” Connie elaborated. “They see themselves as missionaries to their own people.”

Chaplain Ministry

Randy Jones

Randy is one of the Gallatin County Chaplains. Working with police and first responders in the Gallatin Valley.


Warren Hiebert

Working with setting up Chaplain ministries.


Kris & Kim W.

For more information contact the Church office. 


 Mission Aviation Fellowship